Houston Foundation Repair Using Perma-Pile™

Conventional foundation repairs like bell-bottom piers can leave property owners with expensive and ineffective results. Hy-Tech has a repair system that's especially suited to commercial construction and home foundation repairs in the Houston, TX area. Our exclusive Perma-Pile™ system is a cutting-edge technology that streamlines and modernizes the foundation repair process.

How Hy-Tech Foundation Repair Benefits You

  • Three types of foundation repair: Slab, Pier & Beam, Block & Base
  • Increased control of concrete strength
  • No pouring or waiting for concrete to cure for zero job downtime

Advantages Of Hy-Tech Perma-Pile™ Technology

  • Minimizes the need for exact soil knowledge
  • Balances precisely the load that's applied to the pile
  • Creates increased tolerance during installation
  • Reduces damage to landscaping and shrubs
  • Eliminates the need for heavy equipment


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EB Harris

My house is on concrete blocks and parts of the house is over 100 years old. It is a 2 story home, a little over 3,000 sq. feet. Without having rain for 9 months last year the house had sunk. I did research for foundation repair & had a couple of estimates done.
I chose Hy-Tech Foundation Repair, Inc.

Stephanie with Hy-Tech set up an appointment for the repair work to begin. Unfortunately it rained 3 inches or more in parts of Houston the week before my work was to begin & they had reset their work schedule because the rain had postponed other work before me. I was contacted by Stephanie who rescheduled the repair work.

The Hy-Tech men arrived Wednesday as I was told & went right to work. The foreman came into the house & told me what to expect. As the men raised each area, the foreman came in to make sure each room was level with his equipment. The repair work took 3 days & as we walked around the house late Friday afternoon, my yard was spotless. They had cleaned up the yard & filled in all of the areas where they had to tunnel under the house.

The following Monday, I called Stephanie to tell her how pleased I was with Hy-Tech & I will recommend them to anyone for foundation repair.
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